Problem in debugging allocatable arrays in MVS 2012

Problem in debugging allocatable arrays in MVS 2012

According to Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2013 for Windows* Installation Guide and Release Notes, there was a problem in evaluating expressions during debugging Fortran applications in Microsoft Visual Studio 2012. After updating to Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2013 for Windows* Update 1, this problem solved but new problem occurs during debugging.
Allocatable user defined arrays contents can't be shown in debugging mode. Watch list value for scalar intrinsic contents of these UDTs (like scalar integers, or reals) is undefined address and nested UDTs can not be collapsed.
I attached a screenshot where shows this problem. As you can see, ELEMENT_NUMBER where is a scalar integer has undefined address and other nested allocatable arrays like INTERNAL_NEIGHBORS where is a allocatable integer array can not be collapsed and consequently its contents can not be shown.
Is there a fix for this problem (except using MVS 2010), or i have to wait for next update pack?

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No idea?

Hi Arash,

This sounds like a bug but before we can confirm this would it be possible to provide a small test case which reproduce the problem you experience? This would speed up our investigations.

Best Regards,

Following test case produce such a result for me. i use Microsoft Visual Studio 2012(11.0.50727.1) with Intel Parallel Studio 2013 XE(2013.1.119).

module module_test
integer, parameter :: wp = kind(1.0d0)

type :: type_node_2d
integer :: node_number
integer :: local_number
real(wp) :: x=0._wp,y=0._wp
end type type_node_2d

type,abstract :: type_element_base
integer :: element_number=10
real(wp) :: volume
logical :: flag=.false. ! logical flag
type(type_node_2d),allocatable :: nodes(:)
integer :: number_of_boundaries=5
integer :: number_of_interfaces=5
integer,allocatable :: internal_neighbors(:)
end type type_element_base
type :: type_element_container
class(type_element_base),allocatable :: element
end type type_element_container
type,extends(type_element_base) :: type_element_triangle
end type
type,extends(type_element_base) :: type_element_quadritaeral
end type
end module module_test
program test
use module_test
type(type_element_container),allocatable :: elements(:)
! body
do i=1,5
allocate(type_element_triangle :: elements(i).element)
end do
do i=6,10
allocate(type_element_quadritaeral :: elements(i).element)
end do
Best Regards,


I have been having the same problem since I reported it back in February 2012.

The debugger is seeing arrays as not being allocated when they are actually allocated and being used in the program. I am still having the same issue so it all looks it has not been fixed yet.

I hope they fix this issue soon.

Arash, I tried your program with Intel Fortran 13.0.1 and VS20210 and I can see the values of the nested allocatable arrays in the debugger. What are you seeing?

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Hi Steve,
Thank you for your responding. As i mentioned in first post, the problem is within MVS 2012 not 2010.

Sorry for missing that.

Retired 12/31/2016

Hi Arash,

Thank you for the test case. Yes this is a bug and engineering has implemented a fix which we expect to be included in the next update.


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