Hello it's good to be back!

Hello it's good to be back!

Many thanks Steve (and also Intel developer Zone support) for providing me with a password that WORKS!
I haven't been here for a while and, would you know it, the forum got a downgrade in the meantime.
What a to-do, trying to satisfy the new password watchman - every combination I tried 'Computer said no' to.

Anyway, I look forward to joing back in. Pity I lost all my brown belt points during the enforced switch
over between the old and new forums. Ho-hum, I'll just have to start from scratch - again.

Also, thanks Steve for the advice about generating and porting a 64-bit executable from a win32 development machine.

After downloading the correct VS2005 redistributables and the IVF Composer X64 redistributable MSI package and installing
them on the target 64-bit machine, my 64-bit executable ran first time. I could hardly believe it, it went so smoothly.

P.S. why is my text so small?

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I had to adjust the font sizes in Firefox to make it useable on this and other web sites. My IE8 has turned unusable, and not only on this forum. Opera has easily adjustment facilities, but I've found it troublesome in other ways.
I would think that IDZ support people could restore your points. Maybe they missed accounts which weren't active during transition. They are only now working down the list of problem reports from the transition.

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