Use Intel Fortran Compiler v11.1 with license from Composer XE 2013??

Use Intel Fortran Compiler v11.1 with license from Composer XE 2013??

We're scheduling to buy the new Intel Composer XE 2013 for Windows (which - as far as I know - includes the Intel C++ Compiler v13.0 and the Intel Fortran Compiler v13.0).

My problem is, that I need an older version of the Fortran Compiler (namly the 2009 released Fortran Compiler v11.1) to write and link user-defined-subroutines to ANSYS (v13/14). Our ANSYS software support told me, that newer compiler versions could cause problems (e.g. with parallelization). Unfortunately I couldn't find a software reseller which sells the v11.1, but I've found an article on the Intel webpage, which explains how to download older software versions (

So the question is: Can I download the older Fortran Compiler v11.1 from the Intel® Software Development Products Registration Center (IRC) as written in the article and use it with the license from the Intel Composer XE 2013, which we're going to buy??

I'm looking forward to your answer. Regards, Daniel

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Yes, you can use all* prior versions of IVF with a current license.

*you can´t use a older IVF version with IMSL when you don´t have an IMSL license of course


thanks for your quick answer. that sounds reassuring to me, because i can buy an actually version of the compiler.

but now i have another question: where exactly is the difference between the "intel fortran compiler xe" and "intel visual fortran compiler xe"? and which one ot these is included in the package "intel composer xe"?

i guess it's best to specify the software I need: My operating system is WIN (xp and/or 7) and I'm looking forward to use the "intel VISUAL fortran compiler v11.1" to write subroutines for ANSYS (other versions are not supported!) but I'm also interested to use the C++ Compiler for software development.

So is it possible to download the old version of VISUAL fortran compiler and use it with the license of "Intel Composer XE" or do i have to buy the "intel VISUAL fortran composer" and "C++ Composer XE" seperatly?

All versions of Intel Fortran for Windows are trademarked as Visual Fortran. The term "composer" was introduced with the 12.0 version, but has no further bearing on the questions you raise.
Whether you have a license for Intel C++ has no effect on your Fortran licensing, although there are products which provide a license for both Fortran and C++. The Fortran and C++ compilers are the same whether you buy them separately or in a combined package. Any license for (Windows) Visual Fortran will give you access to download and run older versions.
New major versions are tested by Intel for compatibility with object files from the previous major version (with the exception of IPO), but you would want to stay within the boundaries which ANSYS has tested for their own application.

ok, that should solve my problem. thanks for the detailed information.

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