Intel Visual Fortran Compiler 9.1

Intel Visual Fortran Compiler 9.1

It is possible to use Intel Visual Compiler 9.1 with Visual studio 2008,on Windows 7 machine?

Thanks in advance,Dan

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The first ifort which supported Win7 installation was an update of 11.0. 9.1 is even too old to work with VS2008. You might be able to make the compiler work from command line by setting up -Qlocation,link yourself.

Thanks for answer.I wonder that the installation was without problems,I mean firstly VS2008 and then Intel Visual Fortran 9.1.The last installation has announced the integration of the compilator in VS,but has not made it practically.As I try to create a new project,the option for Fortran is not available.The folder Intel Fortran is not created,when I compare with an installation on the Windows XP machine of the VS2005 with IVS 9.1.
May be,there is a trick possible to realize the integration?

You would have to use VS2005 for the 9.1 compiler. There is no "trick" that will enable integration with VS2008. You can use VS2005 on Windows 7 if you install VS2005 SP1 and then the VS2005 SP1 Update for Windows Vista. See

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Hi Steve!

Thanks a lot for your advices.I downloaded the two SP1 programs,and installed my licensed VS2005 with the two packs.Then the I91.All run OK,on my W7 machine.I have a lot of scientific programs,written since long time,and updated frecvently.Last time the update was with VF13,as I have been involved in the beta testing.My license for beta VF13 expired recently,and now in order to made some changes in my programs I came back to my I91.Unfortunately,the created executable on the Windows XP has not run properly on W7 machines.Then I tried to install I91 on a W7 machine,and came to the above problems.Now I will test to build all the programs with I91 on W7 machine,and will see if the executables will run properly.
Best regards,

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