Question re (gulp) old CVF 6.6

Question re (gulp) old CVF 6.6


I doubt this post will get many views given that it deals with the now ancient CVF 6.6, but I'll give it a shot anyway...

I have lots of old executables built with CVF 6.6, Pro coupled with Winteracter GUI developer.  The code did use the IMSL libraries quite a lot. These live on an old XP machine and run fine. At this point, I no longer do much Fortran programming and certainly have no need for anything fancy.  I just need the old code to recompile for an occasional tweak.  Yes, I have considered upgrading to Intel many times but frankly I don't have the budget to permit it and really have no need for any new features that aren't in the old 6.6.  I'm a one-person operation at the tail-end of my career and it's a stretch to even buy a used computer once every 5-8 years. Plus, I'm aware that a clean migration of the old projects is less likely now that it would have been to an much earlier version of the Intel Fortran.  I DID try upgrading sometime back and suffice it to say that things did not go well.  I ran into an endless loop of complaints about the wrong Visual Studio, incompatible Microsoft .NET, components that wouldn't install, and on and on.  It took multiple trips to the techs to get the computer behaving again and I lost days of work.  I can't afford to go through that again.

I hope that this doesn't violate protocol or offend anyone here, but is there anyway to legally purchase the old 6.6 Pro edition?  I'm certain that there are lots of folks that still have their disks (I don't) but I don't know what licensing issues are involved should someone be willing to sell it.

I'll duck under the desk now and hope for friendly replies.


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You're welcome to post here about CVF. There's lots of knowledge about CVF in this forum.

My guess is that you tried Intel Fortran in the days when it didn't include the necessary Visual Studio bits and tried to make it work with what you had. It really isn't that hard. However, converting CVF projects (which we do still support) requires that you have Visual C++ installed - the "Shell" we provide with the Fortran product. If anyone is in that situation, I'm glad to do the project conversion for them (I just need the ,dsw and ,dsp files).

I see your question pop up from time to time. It used to be that there were copies of CVF for sale, but last time I looked they had pretty much disappeared (except for pirated copies). That you are also using IMSL makes things a bit more difficult as you need the Professional Edition for that.

I don't recall that the license prohibited resale, should you find a legitimate copy.

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Thanks Steve,

I appreciate the info. During my last upgrade attempt I did buy Microsoft Visual C++ .NET because during the INTEL install process, I got a message that C++ .NET was required for the install. However, C++ .NET wouldn't fully install because of some incompatibility with the the version of .NET Framework living on my computer. That led us down the path of unintalling/reinstalling various verions of .NET Framework but apparently it's hard to get a complete, clean removal and reinstall of that program. Anyway, we spent considerable time trying to get everything to install before giving up.

I guess Plan A is still to find and purchase CVF 6.6, as that was adequate for my needs and seems to be the simplest solution. If anyone has a copy available for sale, please contact me.

Followup question as I research alternatives:

Could anyone tell me when (ie, what Intel VF version) the "Professional" in the product name ceased to indicate that it included the IMSL routines? In the CVF days, that's what "Professional" meant, as it apparently also did in Intel VF v8. However, it looks like that is NOT the case beginning with at least v11.1. There appear to be different versions of IVF Professional 11,1, and unless the product name specifically says "...with IMSL" it is not included. I'm confused.

BTW -- still interested in buying CVF 6.6 Professional, if anyone cares to sell a copy,

For the Intel product, if you want IMSL you need to buy the "with IMSL" part. The current name is Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE 2013 [with IMSL 6.0] In the deeper past, there was a "Standard Edition" of Intel Fortran that did not include Intel MKL and a Professional Edition that did. We did away with the Standard Edition. There is no correlation to other companies' "Professional Edition" products, including CVF.

If you are considering buying Intel Visual Fortran with IMSL, please read You may want to see if the Intel Math Kernel Library, included with IVF, can meet your needs.

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