line continuation character for makefile

line continuation character for makefile

Hi everybody,

Well. I have a problem. In fact what I am trying to do is to build fortran projects from command line. I use buildlog to construct a batch file. Everything works fine but for some projects command line is too long and therefore truncated. Too make it short. Do you know symbol for line continuation so that I can build projects of these kind. I have tried &, \, /, _. But none of them is working. Help is very much appreciated...


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The line continuation character for the Windows command prompt is "^" (i.e. put a caret as the very last character of the line to be continued). However, that's just a shell line entry or visual appearance convenience - if the total concatenated command line proper is still too long (8000 odd characters I think, may depend on the shell and OS version) then you will still have issues.

Many tools (ifort included) allow you to put command line arguments in a so called response file, and specify them indirectly by simply passing the name of the file prefixed with @, i.e. ifort @my_command_line_options.txt

Dear IanH,

Thank you for your prompt response. I tried what you have suggested. It is working perfectly fine...

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