VS 2012 'hover watch' not working

VS 2012 'hover watch' not working


I have two VS--Ifort setups: VS 2012 together with Ifort 13.0, and VS 2008 with Ifort 11.7 (which I need for compiling user subroutines to a commercial software). I have explicitly chosen not to integrate Ifort 13 with VS 2008 (even so, I still have to (re)install Ifort 11.7 after installing 13.0 since the Ifort integration with VS08 is broken anyway, but that's not the issue I'm addressing now).

With the VS08/IF11 setup I can hover over variables and watch the current value of variables while debugging. With the VS12/IF13 setup this is not possible, and I really miss it. I can't recall how the behavior was with VS10, and I don't want to install it just to test. It might be due to the fact that I have to install IF11.7 after IF13.0, and perhaps that breaks something in the VS12 integration, but I didn't discover this (lack of) behavior before I it was to late to test that...

Does anyone else have the 'hover watch' functionality with VS12/IF13, or with VS12/IFxx or VSxx/IF13? In other words, is this an Ifort bug or a VS bug?

Or, perhaps, it's not a bug at all, but an intentional decrease in functionality..?

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Hi Espen,

The problem with the VS2012 and 'data tips' is a known issues. We already have a defect for this and expect a fix to be included with 13.0 update 2.

Best Regards,

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