How to set pre-execution scroll position ?

How to set pre-execution scroll position ?

currently by default, when I invoke SETWINDOW, the window is scrolled to the upper left corner.

I would like it to be scrolled somewhere else before execution begins.

for example at the very center., if the plot stuf is there.


Is there a way to accomplish that?

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what graphics are you using to 'setwindow'?
i'm guessing Quickwin?
From that how are your drawing the 'plot stuff' since when you draw you'll have to move and draw.
Then after you draw the stuff you use MOVETO to move your cursor to wherever you want to leave it.

I am using Quickwin, but you did not address my question - -
I want to SCROLL the window to the proper position BEFORE doing any drawing, etc.
The reason is that the interesting stuff is not visible when the app is started.
Also, I would like to have the FULL screen active when the app starts.

so as you are setting up the plot, you need to set the viewport to center the window on the screen.
where the scroll is before you plot really doesn't matter since you will be moving it as you plot.
The location of the viewport relarive to the screen coordinates matters.
from the documentation "LINETO, MOVETO, and OUTGTEXT all change the current graphics position. It is in the center of the screen when a window is created"
so what i am guessing is somewhere in your code you are incorrectly setting up the initial window coordinates and location incorrectly.
see what your plot routine is doing about SETWSIZEQQ which "Sets the size and position of a window"
and be sure it sets it up to display where on the screen you want it to display.

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