Executable Not Running on Client Machine

Executable Not Running on Client Machine

I have an intel fortran console project that creates an execatable from a series of (.for) fortran source files. I can build and run the project without a problem from the generated EXE within the development environemnt but whenever I try to run the exact EXE on a client machine the console hangs without printing anything...and I mean nothing at all. So I'm wondering if anyone might have an idea as to where I can look for the problem.  

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You probably need some dlls for the output.
go to the registration center and download the Redistributable Libraries for 32-bit and 64-bit msi files

If you needed DLLs I'd expect there to be an error message, and the default for a console application is to not link to DLLs. Does this program ask for input? From where?

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Hello Bmchenry, thanks for the quick reply. I've installed the redist libraries that you gave but it seems that was not the solution to the problem. I have an installation of Intel Fortran Composer on the client machine if that helps with any other ideas.

The program does open a text file (located on the C drive root directory) for input. I have made sure to include that exact same file on the client machine (in the right place). It's a rather odd problem... I would expect the exe to be self contained since there are no project dependencies, just source files.

When the program stalls, is it using 100% CPU or 0%? Is there a console window open? Can you type anything into it?

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Hi Steve, thanks for the reply. The console window doesn't allow any input and the CPU load stays at 13 (%?). I do have the attached output from WinDbg. It seems that a exception is raised at the fifth line from the bottom and the code hangs. When I exit the console window I get the fourth line from the bottom that gives the address of where the problem lies in the assembly? Maybe I could get your opinion?

I forgot to push upload attachment in the last comment.


Downloadtext/plain windbg-session.txt2.95 KB

Not sure what to make of that - I don't think it has anything useful. I see an access violation there but it's not clear to me where in the process that is happening.

This seems to be a 32-bit app running on a 64-bit system. What happens if you build it as a 64-bit app and run it there?

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If you built is as a 32-bit app, then the 32 bit DLLs need to be there (I usually put them in the same folder with the exe). Likewise 64-bit. Not always will the app say "I'm looking for this DLL".

i would also recommend NOT putting all your stuff in the root directory (C:\) of the target machine.
Simply create a directory and put it all there. (C:\Clientstuff)
then you can do the same on your machine and be sure ALL files are copied.
One other suggestion is does the user on the other machine run as administrator?
Since it might be trying to open a file not owned by the user so it might hang waiting for permission to open it or something like that
(i know it should issue an dialog error but since you're running a console program it might have issued the dialog for the error/request for permission and it is hidden or simply not displaying properly)
However from looking at this thread i'd start with making sure you are in synch: 32/32 or 64/64.

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