Circular class reference allowed?

Circular class reference allowed?

I think I have got myself into trouble and I would like someone to verify for me that I am in fact doing something that is illegal.

I have a type that has multiple derived type that has a pointer to another type that has multiple derived types, thus I use the

type :: child_type

class(parent_type), pointer :: cb

! other stuff including a contains and procedures

end type child_type

! several more child types derived from original child_type

type :: parent_type

class(child_type), pointer :: orb

end type parent_type

! a couple of more parent types

When I do this, it gives me an error saying that the name must have an explicit type for the "class(parent_type), pointer :: cb" line.

Is there a trick to make it work?


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Please post the actual code that gives you the error. The paraphrase you posted does not - at least not in 12.1.5 or 13.0.1. Which specific compiler version are you using?

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Version I'm using: Intel(R) Visual Fortran Compiler XE for applications running on IA-32, Version Build 20110112.

I've been commenting out and removing stuff from a version of the file to see if it something else causing it.

module Orbit

  implicit none
  type :: cbody_type

    integer :: plid = -1

    logical :: spkdata = .false.
    real*8  :: mu = 0

    real*8  :: radii(3) = 0

    real(8) :: vol_radius = 0

    real*8  :: flattening = 0
    character*(20) :: cbname = ""
    class(orbit_type), pointer :: ephem => null()
!  contains
  end type cbody_type
  type, extends(cbody_type):: custom_cbody_type

    integer :: astid
  end type custom_cbody_type
  type :: orbit_type  ! top level class

    integer                         :: etype  = 0 
    class(cbody_type), pointer        :: cbody => null()
 ! contains

!    procedure :: posvel => orbit_rv  ! dummy procedure which can pass to lower procedure

!    procedure :: setorb => orbit_set ! dummy procedure which can pass to lower procedure

  end type orbit_type
  type, extends(orbit_type) :: rvorbit_type

    ! base coordinate system is EMO 2000 which is in spice called EclipJ2000

    integer :: conic = 0 ! -1: rectilinear, 0: undefined, 1: circle, 2: ellipse, 3: parabola, 4: hyperbola
    real*8  :: elements(6) = 0 ! position and velocity at epoch

    real*8  :: epoch = 0       ! epoch of elements

    real*8  :: input(6)        !

    real*8  :: itype           ! input type variable described by orbin

    procedure :: posvel => rvorbit_rv  ! dummy procedure which can pass to lower procedure

    procedure :: setorb => rvorbit_set ! dummy procedure which can pass to lower procedure

  end type rvorbit_type
  type, extends(orbit_type) :: spkorbit_type

    integer :: spiceid

    procedure :: posvel => spkorbit_rv  ! dummy procedure which can pass to lower procedure

    procedure :: setorb => spkorbit_set ! dummy procedure which can pass to lower procedure

  end type spkorbit_type
  type :: orblist_type

    class(orbit_type), pointer :: orbit => null ()

  end type orblist_type
  type :: cblist_type

    class(cbody_type), pointer :: cb => null ()

  end type cblist_type
  character(30) :: spicekernel = 'spice.ker'

  integer :: frame = 0 ! 0 is default EMO2000

  character(30) :: framename = 'ECLIPJ2000'
  type (cblist_type)             :: cblist(0:12)

  class(orbit_type),pointer      :: current_orbit => null()

  type(orblist_type)             :: saved_orbits(10)

Ok - almost three years old. I can reproduce the error with that version but not one that is slightly newer (12.0.5) or anything after that. Please upgrade. Your code is fine.

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Alright. Now the process of begging IT to let me use a version they haven't "approved". Yay for standardization. Thanks for the confirmation Steve.

I've put in the request, but I doubt that I can get the update prior to losing my funding for this project. I'm going to reformulate my approach. If I have a top level type of each that doesn't contain that pointer, then a derived type that does, then I should be able to make it work. I could then make all of the derived types be the children that are of the top level types right now. Since we don't have direct type casting in this language, I don't think there will be an issue, as it would have to go through the Select Type construct anyway.

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