IMSL Licensing Renewal Question

IMSL Licensing Renewal Question

I have the following license currently and am trying to renew the support as it about to expire.

Product: Intel® Visual Fortran Compiler Professional Edition for Windows* with IMSL* Support Services Renewal

While visiting the Intel website, I found a lot of options.

What is the equivalent product type SKU for renewing? I used to provide the old SKU to purchasing, but it looks like it looks like it is no longer valid. Is the one below the equivalent to the old license?

Intel® Visual Fortran Composer XE with IMSL for Windows* Single Service & Support Renewal [Email]
Manuf Part #:  FXI999WSGS01
SKU: I23S07101J09


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Yes, that's the correct product.

Please also be sure to read

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Thanks for the quick response. I noticed a separate Intel licensing section after posting the question. Sorry for polluting the fortran forum.

Actually, this was probably a better place to post - the other forum is for issues relating to use of licenses, not figuring out what product you need. You would have been helped either way.

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