Runs on XP, not on 7.

Runs on XP, not on 7.

My company has been working on a Fortran dll where we have been given an .obj file, that calls information from a .dat file, both of these files have been provided by another party, so I do not have access to change this set up.  The .obj files were compiled using Intel Fortran.  We are calling the dll from an aspx page.

We can get this program to work when the .dat files are in C:\Windows\System32 and on a Windows XP machine.  We are compiling this using Fortran 11.1 through Visual 2003.

When we attempt  to do this same thing on a Windows 7 machine, we are not getting the connection to the database to work.  Also, when we try to call this dll from Windows server 2003, it does not work.

I don't know if I have provided enough information, but I am looking for some guidance to get some sort of solution for this.  We have worked with the provider and they have worked with us, but are not sure there is anything wrong on their end and are probably not going to give us much more help on the subject.

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Windows 7 requires administrator permissions to write to files under Windows (or under Program Files). Either find a way to move the data file out from under the Windows folder, add the READONLY option when you OPEN it, or run the executable "as administrator".

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