Several questions

Several questions

I was using the Mikrosoft Power Station Fortran Compiler together with IMSL several years

and I was most times satisfied.  However, now I have a bigger problem and I have tought

to switch to a more professional compiler.  Therefore, I would like to test the Intel Fortran

Compiler with my problems. 

1) I have Windows XP home.  Is this O.K. for the 2013 version ?

2) I have IMSL separated available from former times.  May I link it with the new Intel Compiler I am testing or do I have to purchase

later an Intel 2013 compiler with IMSL ?

3) I read about some  system requirement as "Visual ..." from Mikrosft but now I am unable to find this information again.  What do I really

need  together with the 4 files I have downloaded for the test case ?

Thanks  !


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1) XP home should be OK with the VS2010 shell supplied with the compiler, or VS2008 or 2010. You should be able to search for the release notes on line.
2) The older IMSL isn't expected to work, particularly if it was compatible with CVF or an earlier compiler.

Does your answer 1) mean that I should not load down the 2013 compiler but instead the one from 2010 or 2008 ?
What means VS ? What means CVF compiler ?

VS stands for Visual Studio, which is the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that may be used (at the user's option) with Intel Fortran. The year numbers for VS and IFort need not be the same, but they must be compatible, as listed in the release notes of the Intel compiler.

CVF stands for Compaq Visual Fortran, which used to be Digital Fortran, which took up some of the Fortran market that Fortran Powerstation catered to. It sometimes came with matched IMSL (Version 4) libraries. One can sometimes get F77 code compiled with Intel Fortran to work with that IMSL4, but there are many incompatibilities, not all of which can be side-stepped. Any Fortran program that uses IMSL modules cannot even be compiled using Intel Fortran and the modules supplied with CVF/IMSL4.

All you will need to buy is Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE 2013 with IMSL 6.0. It includes everything you need. For installation on XP, though, you may have to download and install some free Microsoft components first. Read the compiler release notes at for the links (read the Installation section.)

You will not be able to use the old copy of IMSL, and if you have a USE MSIMSL or USE IMSL you'll need to change that to USE NUMERICAL_LIBRARIES. Please also read and

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