Finding an adress in Windows 7 x64

Finding an adress in Windows 7 x64


1) First an hopefully simple question:

I tried in vain to search for my question only in this forum but could not figure out how to do this, is it possible and how?

2) A slightly harder quesion:

Is there a way to get data breakpoints above 4GB?

I use "data breakpoint" in VS2010 and sometimes get it to work. I now believe it has to do with the size of the adress.

When it hapends to reside in "low" memory it works else not.

Right now the value/adress seen in the watch window after LOC(FOO(14))  is 5752234536 which in HEX is 156DC2228

If I paste "LOC(FOO(14))" into the "new data breakpoint"- window I get a new breakpoint fine, but it tell me adress is 0x56DC2228 whis is only the low part of above value and then the breakpoint dont work.

I am using Win 7 x64 with 12GB memory.


I checked the manal for LOC and it return 4 byte integers in ia32 but what about when compiling for win x64?



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This would be an issue with Visual Studio. As a work around, enter FOO(14) into the memory watch window, note the expression turns into the hex address, copy the hex address then paste into the data break address (you may have to change the hex address format 0x... verses ...h)

Thank you for the suggestion Jim,

If I paste FOO(14) into the memory watch window it gives me 0x00000000 :(

If I instead use the watch window I get the a more reasonable address, but INTEGER(4) is weird after counting the HEX-digits
LOC(FOO(14)) #00000001563A2228 INTEGER(4)
...after right clicking in the watch window selecting "Hexadecimal display"

If I paste 0x00000001563A2228 into the memory watch window or data breakpoint location it turns into 0x7FFFFFFF.
I find it a bit strange that when I paste LOC(FOO(14)) into the data breakpoint location it turns to 0x563A2228 but if I paste 0x1563A2228 I get 0x7FFFFFFF.
Could any one reproduce this, or have further ideas?
Is it possible that I need some VS2010 patch? Someone must have experienced this before, 4GB is common and so should data breakpoints be...


Hello Magnus,

this has been fixed with Intel(R) Composer XE 2011 Update 11 and is also working with Intel(R) Composer XE 2013 and higher.
Please see this thread about the same problem:

Regarding your first question: You can search the forums via (enable the filter "Forum topic").

Best regards,

Georg Zitzlsberger

>>>I am using Win 7 x64 with 12GB memory.>>>

For serious debugging I would like to recommend you to use Windbg in its 64-bit version.Windbg is more powerful and more versatile than VS built-in debugger.

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