Compatibility of other languages with Parallel Studio XE2011

Compatibility of other languages with Parallel Studio XE2011

 This might seem a stupid question and need, but I have a need to be able to access both FORTRAN and at least Visual Basic Express.  Since FORTRAN is running under "a version" of Visual Studio, I was hoping that the two could coexist.  I have run into problems with this in the distant past with Compaq's implementation of Fortran in Visual Studio.  The folks over on the MSDN Visual Basic forums figuratively went "why would you want to do this....we don't know".  So, here I am.  I have read a PDF about Parallel Studio XE2011 and it makes reference that some other tools such as VB and C++ are there (makes sense since Intel is only interested in selling FORTRAN) but it did not go so far as to say they can't be run.  I tried loading in VB Express, and PFFFFT, anything from VB seems to be suppressed.  No project types or anything.  All that is listed are "Other Visual Studio project types"  besides the FORTRAN project types.  So they question is Can I do what I want to do:  Have VB exist and be acessible within Parallel Studio XE2011?  Right now it would seem that the answer is no.  Since VB runs in Visual studio, it would seem that if I have Parallel Studio XE2011 installed, I will not be able to have a separate Visual Studio instance installed.

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It is probably related to 'VB express' since that is a sub-version of VB in Visual Studio.
INTEL has other compilers, not just Fortran, and they all can be included in a solution.
With the full versions all project types can interact and then will live in peaceful harmony (a seasonal extension of response)
with Express i believe it is to let you get a peek at the compiler and not fully functional.

The "Express" editions of the Visual Studio tools do not allow for any non-Microsoft languages to share their environment. This is a restriction enforced by Microsoft. If you wish to have a solution containing a VB and Fortran project, you must have the "Professional" (or higher) edition of Visual Studio.

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Okay thanks for your answer. So, if I already have Intel Parallel Studio XE2011 installed (a version of visual studio) and I uninstall the VB express and install full VB will the Intel implementation of Visual studio recognize the full version of VB?

Thanks again.

You may need to uninstall both Parallel Studio XE2011 (with its VS express), uninstall VB express (with its VS express), , then install Visual Studio (with VB) then reinstall Parallel Studio XE2011. Then both Parallel Studio XE2011 and VB will be installed within the same VS.

Jim Dempsey

Jim is correct - you need to (re)install Fortran after you have installed the correct edition of Visual Studio.

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