How to configure Intel Fortran Compiler 9.1 with Visual Studio 2005

How to configure Intel Fortran Compiler 9.1 with Visual Studio 2005

Hello All,

I want to configure the Intel Fortran compiler 9.1 with visual studio 2005, can somebody
help me out what are the procedures quickly!!!!!!!

Thanks in advance


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Install VS2005 with the Visual C++ component included. Then install Intel Visual Fortran. Nothing else is needed. Note that if you want to do x64 development, you may need to do a "Custom" install of VS2005 to select the Visual C++ > X64 Compiler and Tools component.

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Dear Steve,

Thanks a lot for quick reply. I did both viusal fortran and vs 2005(contain c++) installation. My request is, I have seen there are some settings in project properties but those are all for fortran 10.1 and higher versions. Can you kindly explain what are those settings for version 9.1(something like this link)



I couldnt see MKL folder anywhere in my fortarn C ditectory

Version 9.1 was available in a Standard Edition and a Professional Edition. Only the Professional Edition included MKL. The articles tend to reflect newer compiler versions - version 9.1 is from 2007. Even in the Professional Edition, I don't think there were options in Visual Studio to integrate MKL - you would have had to add the MKL libraries to your project manually. Read the MKL documentation (which would be under Program Files\Intel) for more information. You could also ask in the MKL section of our user forums as the folks there would probably be more familiar with the older MKL versions.

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Dear Steve,

Thanks a lot for good reply me again, can you help me following configuration properties

Additional Include Directories ------------?

Additional Library Directories ------------?

Additional Dependencies --------------?

since I dont have MKL directory, it will be useful if I get anyother alternatives to be

OR can you provide me a MKL free download link

If you do not make calls to MKL in your code, there is nothing to fill under the "Additional..." fields.

If you do need to make MKL calls, you need to have MKL, or ascertain whether the equivalents in other libraries such as GoTo2, Atlas, Netlib-Blas, ACML, etc., will suffice.

MKL used to be free years ago, and now it is included with Intel C and Intel Fortran. There is no free/non-Commercial license for MKL for Windows.

Dear mecej4,

Thanks very much for a good update, helped me.

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