forum search?

forum search?

Does this forum have a search capability?  There are 600+ pages of posts.  I can't find one on the main page, even after I login, using firefox and Internet Explorer.

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Use Google

"search capability"

Note, your post won't yet be included because Google's web crawler hasn't found it yet. (You should see it by tomorrow).

in the search box,
enquote phrases you know,
else use keywords without quotes
You can also prefix keywords with "-" to exclude references containing that keyword

Jim Dempsey

So where is the 'Search' window/button for this forum located?
There isn't one under 'Forum Tools'.
It is very frustrating.

We know that a forum-specific search is missing. Jim's suggestion is what I would use for now. It's being worked on.

Retired 12/31/2016

I find that if I go to the title bar at the top of the forum, it has the Intel logo on the left and a "search" input window on the right. This search window is very cryptic, but if you use it it brings up a much more detailed search window that allows you specify all kinds of filters on how you search (I don't understand the filters, i.e. is a selected topic blocked out by the filter or is it allowed through the filter? but that is another story). So this may enable forum-specific searching, or at least Fortran-specific searching, etc. if you can figure out how to use it. I find it useful to enter my own name as the search topic, then this brings up all of my own participation in Fortran forum topics.

I'm glad to hear there is a better way coming.

dboggs, that's just too obvious! Vacation here I come!

I am glad to hear that a better search function is on the way, hopefully at least equivalent to the search we already had in the last generation of the forum.

As a temporary measure, a "Search Within This Forum" link appears within the Announcements box. (Location subject to change.) If you click on this you're first taken to a page with thousands of search results. But just type your keywords into the form there, do NOT uncheck the "Retain current filters" box, and click Search. That will search just this forum.

This method will be improved over time, but it works for now.

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