Is Visual Studio 2008 compactable to Intel Fortran Compiler 9.1

Is Visual Studio 2008 compactable to Intel Fortran Compiler 9.1


I have installed Intel Fortran Compiler 9.1, earlier my IDE was visual studio 2005 and
I could see the "Fortran" in VSS IDE project types but now I updated my IDE as Visual studio 2008
after this I am not able to see "Fortran" in project types, can somebdy help me why so?
how can I make this visible in IDE? Is fortran 9.1 compactable to visual studio 2008?
OR is it just compactable only to vss 2005 only ?

if somebody can answer it will be very helpful to me...


My OS is Windows XP


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I think Steve Lionel answered the same question recently. As I remember, VS2008 was introduced after ifort 9.1, so there is no IDE compatibility.

Dear Tim,

Thank you very much fr the answer, then which Intel fortran compiler version will be most suitable for VSS2008

VS2008 is still fully supported by the latest Intel Windows compilers. The 10.1 (not yet compatible with current Windows, but OK with XP) and 11.1 compilers worked with VS2008 and are still available but no longer supported.

dear Tim,

Thanks, very useful reply

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