DEBUGGER has a bug (?)

DEBUGGER has a bug (?)

Isn't it supposed to know about the CONTAINS feature for putting routines within a routine?

In this routine I uploaded, it cannot debug variables that are defined in the main body of the routine,

when the breakpoint is within the CONTAINED routine. For example, it cannot give me the value of variables CC and CIRC

when I set the breakpoint in DRAWCIRC. Obviously the CODE has to be able to reference those values.

Didn't they design the debugger with the newer features in mind? Or test it with those?

Also, there is a BUG at lines 24-26. It does not set up the correct argument for the SIND and COSD routines.

I get garbage results. To fix that,  I had to evaluate the argument separately.

Ex: ARG=18.D0*ic, ! since it has to be real*8

      then SIND (ARG)

Then I get the right answers.

Why should I have to resort to that?


Also, there is a bug in a code at lines 24-26

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