Filename display when compiling

Filename display when compiling

I have a silly question.  In Visual Studio, when compiling a project, the output window shows the filenames as they are compiled.  Question: Does it display the name before it starts to compile, or after it has compiled the file?  I ask, because I'm seeing unusually long compile times for certain files, and I want to make sure I know which ones they are (is it the last one in the list while I'm waiting, or the one that it shows after the wait).

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As it starts compiling.

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OK, so I have a strange problem, where making a change in one low-level module (it involves adding a generic operator to a class), is causing some of the higher-level modules to take forever to compile (~20 minutes vs. ~3 seconds without the change). I also noticed that the .mod file that is generated for the high-level module is now 49 MB (vs. 430 kB without the change). I'm using version of the compiler. Is there any reason why the mod file would change even though the interface to none of the routines in the module have changed? Should I go through the Premier support to send you some of the code?

I experienced this with that version (and other 12.x versions) too (compile times of a day or so for a single file in debug mode and mod file sizes getting up to 1GB if newer F2003 features were in use). Things appear to have improved with 13.0.

Please do send us the code through Intel Premier Support.

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Will do. I'll also try v2013 of the compiler.

Well...I tried v2013 update 1, but it seems to have excruciatingly slow compile times for many of the high-level files. Also, I noticed that the fortcom.exe process was grabbing all of my RAM (but using very little CPU: 0-1%). I had to kill the compile it after it had grabbed 2 GB of RAM. The mod files aren't particularly large, though. This was on the unmodified version of my code that compiled fine with the old version. I'm using a lot of F2003 stuff as well. My low-level routines compile fine, but the high-level stuff where I'm using all the classes is what it is choking on.

When we get your code we may be able to give you some advice.

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