What is this error - Native has exited with code 3 (0x3).

What is this error - Native has exited with code 3 (0x3).



I am debugging fortran code files, While I am doing it is is exiting with following message

Native has exited with code 3 (0x3)

Can somebody please tell me what it is mean????????

Tools I am Using:

Visual Studio 2008

Fortran Compiler 11.1

Thank you.


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Does this happen while debugging interactively or does it happen if you run the program in a DOS-box? In a DOS-box you should be able to see a stacktrace. That may not always be so in the interactive debugger. It could mean some runtime error terminated your program.

Another possibility is that the program itself calls STOP with an error code (or some C equivalent) You will have to tell us more.



Dear Arjen,

Thanks you very much for the useful reply. It is happening while I am interactivly doing
the debugging. I am putting the 3 code line blocks where F11 moves. I want clarity on this error, if
you can, please help me


call call_mg1g1_load(Mg1g1FileStr) ! batch file path




_chkstk proc

_alloca_probe    =  _chkstk

push    ecx

This is not an error. SImilar to your other post, the program has exited and returned a status value of 3 from the main program (which is probably in C). The chkstack code is simply a utility routine used to check stack allocations - F11 steps into any routine calls. This call is not meaningful to you.

As we wrote in your other thread, you need to step through the program and see what it is doing.  I recommend using F10 to step over statements once you get into the main program. If you are positioned at a call to one of your routines,  go ahead and use F11, but be aware that the compiled code may call utility routines such as chkstack before calling your routine.

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