Displaying fixed-format code

Displaying fixed-format code

In the old days (CVF I think) column 6 was highlighted in the editor withy a green bar.

More recently that has disappeared and only characters in column 6 were highlights in green. With the latest compiler if the line continuation character is '&' then it isn't highlighted (seems like a bug to me).

Ideally I'd like to be able to highlight column 6 as it used to be done. Does anyone know how to do this?


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I think this was a feature that got inadvertently dropped when we reimplemented the source editor for VS2010/2012.  I will ask the developers to put it back. I find that even if the character is & it isn't highlighted. It does still work the way you want in VS2008!

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I would like to see this as well. Even though I don't use fixed format, I still like column 6 as a guide. For that matter, I would like to see column 1 highlighted as well, because it is a little difficult to locate! (The editor apparently shows an "edge of the paper" or some such thing which is well to the left of the text area.)

Maybe the best feature would be to allow us to set "guides" (pale vertical lines) at whatever columns we want.

Thanks - the users in my team will look forward to that. Is it a simple enough change that it will reappear in a version this year?


History suggests that yes, it will appear in an update within a month or two. We've already cut off changes for Update 2, but it would not astonish me if it got fixed for Update 3. That said, I have not yet had a response from the developers on this, so no promises.

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The developers have fixed this problem and I expect the fix to appear in Update 3.

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Excellent - thanks very much.

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