end-of-file during read

end-of-file during read

I ahve run my program several times with no problem. Now I am trying to run for a new series of data but I get above mentioned error message.

I am sure I haven't changed the code and regardign the input file, I can't see any change.

Could you please guide me to find the problem.

A screen shot of the error message and relevant location in code is attached.

Read format is 4I5

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Please ignore the question.

I put the input data file in a wrong folder?!?

By putting it in the program folder, it runs correctly. Sorry for simple question


It is not unusual for a new user to encounter situations like this. Please do not feel embarrassed about asking questions like this on this forum. Use this as a learning experence. I suggest you consider adding the ERR=nnn or IOSTAT=iYourStatVariable to your OPEN statements. This way you can better identify errors like this. Consider what may happen when you copy this application out of your development folder and into your production folder/system. (i.e. you may overlook copying the data files).

Jim Dempsey

You've opened the file as <Filename>.dat but in Notepad, it shows as <Filename>.dat.txt

You either need to rename it to get rid of the .txt or change your open statement.

Notepad appears to have been improved in Windows 7 and now does not always append .txt to every file name provided.
It is good that some of these past annoyances disappear.

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