Understanding Output after build

Understanding Output after build

Just built my first program using Visual Studio. I'd like to better understand the output text (attached), in particular the statement that the console has exited with code 29 (0x1d). No errors were given in the error list, but is this a problem?



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I don't see the attachment, but the message you describe indicates that the program exited. The exit status of 29 indicates that the program got a "file not found" error. You should have seen the actual error message in another window.

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Sorry, here is the attachment. In the attachment, you'll see that it is trying to load dll files from a windows directory. I'm not sure what these files are.


Downloadtext/plain output.txt2.03 KB

None of that information is interesting other than the last line. First of all, this is after the build, when you are running the program under the debugger. The breakpoint message tells me that the actual run-time error was displayed in a separate window that is probably "behind" the Visual Studio window.  Look for it in your taskbar when you run the program again.  Ignore the lines about DLLs loading - they are just informational and not of interest.

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Thanks again Steve. Found the file that I needed.

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