which impimt.dll where?

which impimt.dll where?


After installing XE 2013, I've lost the ability to run co-array programs.  In run time, I get the complaint that impimt.dll is missing.   My Intel directory has 12 copies of impimt.dll ranging from 4/28/2011 to 8/23/2012 and ranging in size from 2,975 kb to 4,184 kb, not always correlated with the date.  I also have four impimt.lib.  I don't want to mess things up too much so which do I put where and should I use different ones for use on my computer vs. exports?


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Your system PATH environment variable should include C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Intel\Shared Libraries\redist\ia32\mpirt (and the intel64 alternative) - this is where it should be looking for impimt.dll. We have seen sometimes that Windows corrupts PATH if the PATH gets too long.  The first thing to do is to log out and in again and see if that resolves the problem.  If not, you should check the contents of the PATH system variable and see if there are any redundant directories (such as those from the 2011 product after installing 2013.)

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Hi Steve,

That is probably the issue; the path is actually quite sparse, containing a couple references to Intel directories but not to ....\mpirt (which does have the .dll).  Rather than mess with the path piecemeal, I'll try reinstalling 2013.  Thanks.  Very oddly, this may be the answer why an OpenMP program only worked on this computer but not on any other (which seem to have proper paths)!

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