I called the vendor I used last year, and thay told me the INTEL VISUAL Fortran Composer is discontinued.


I guess Intel doesn't like their customers very much.

Can't renew my support license I guess.

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Which reseller was this, please? It is certainly NOT true.

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It's possible that if you specifically asked about the 2011 version that the reseller didn't think to look to see if there was a newer version. Or you asked for an old product name. I would like to know which reseller and what you asked for so that we can make sure the reseller understands that the product is NOT in any way discontinued. Indeed, we are currently doing planning through 2015.

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Thanks - we'll check with them to make sure they have the correct information.

Yes, if you renew your support it extends your current support for a year and you get all product versions and updates released during that time.

For a list of resellers, see http://software.intel.com/en-us/intel-software-products-resellers/#Unite...

I went to PC Connection's web site and could not find the Academic part for Visual Fortran, though they did have the commercial versions. I then checked TechXtend (formerly Programmer's Paradise) and they did have it - http://www.techxtend.com/ppi_us/Product.aspx?skupart=I23A86 The part number and price depends on whether or not your current license has expired.

Custom Solutions is another reseller I am very familiar with.

As for debugger issues, we will fix any that get reported to us. I don't recall offhand what you reported (I am at home right now and don't have access to our report database), but I do know that Update 2 fixes some issues with VS2012.

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Well, it doesn't happen ALL the time, but I very often get into a situation where

the F9 "little red dot" is several lines BELOW whare I want the breakpoint.


This usually occurs when the breakpoint is inside an IF-THEN _ELSE structure.

It puts the breakpoint outside of the structure. Now there is no reason why it wouldn't

have executable code where I want the breakpoint.

I then have to resort to putting a BREAKPOINT CALL inside the structure,

rather than using the F9 key. But the problem with that is:

you can't turn if off or make it conditional unless you modify the code and recompile it.


BTW, does it ever require you to RECOMPILE the routine to set a breakpoint within it?

Isometimes get different results if I DON"T recompile it.


One possible fix would be to have an EXACT one-to-one correspondence between

the source listing and what actually gets generated whenever you are in the "debugging" mode.

Then the optimizer would not screw anything up.


Hi steve;

Does not having a current license prevent me from starting a new topic here?

I am trying to recolve an issue with the vendor, they aren't responding as yet.

I did buy the license, however.

Anyone can start a topic here, license or no. Only customers with current support can use Intel Premier Support, though.

It would be helpful to see a ZIP of a project that shows the problem you describe. You should not be enabling optimization when debugging. In most cases I find the 1:1 correspondence you look for, but sometimes things can look confusing. An example would help me help you.

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I too do not have the "start a new topic" window. There seems to be a bug in the system now.

Yes indeed - I will get that fixed ASAP.

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I added a sticky topic in this forum with a link for starting a new topic - hopefully the forum bug will get fixed today.

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New Topic button is back.

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Thanks for your prompt attention, as usual.

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