WHY Visual Fortran Vesion 11.1 is no longer supportd by Intel ?

WHY Visual Fortran Vesion 11.1 is no longer supportd by Intel ?

Dear All,

I am trying run my C project using visual fortran 11.1 compiler for perfomance profiling and analysis. My execution got
stuck by some 'memory allocation error' and 'Debugg Assertion Failed'. Later on I posted some queries and came to know
fortran V 11.1 is no longer supportd by Intel. May I know why ??? please help me to find some description regarding
this on your web site(http://software.intel.com). As per many web site information, it has been written that Fortran 11.1
is compactable & supported with Visual studio 2008. Can somebody please give me some clarification OR quick answer


Please refer this forum topic:

How to solve - Debugg Assertion Failed

Steve Lionel (Intel) Wed, 01/23/2013 - 08:05

The current product version is Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE 2013, compiler version 13.0. You are using version 11.1 from 2009 which is no longer supported by Intel


Tools I am using;

C project in Visual studio 2008

intel Visual Fortran Version 11.1 (Trial version)


Because installing Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE 2013 may take lot of time from IT dept

so If it is working with Ver 11.1, it will be a great help to me.

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"Not supported" only means that it is old, any bugs in the compiler will not be fixed, missing features (e.g. co-arrays) will not be added, because newer versions of the compiler are now available and the bugs may well have been fixed in those versions. If the bug still exists in the new version it will be fixed in that version but not in version 11. Also problems with integration into newer versions of Visual Studio or even newer Operating Systems will only be fixed for "supported" versions of the compiler.
Users of older versions (even DVF/CVF Digital/Compaq Visual Fortran) may still post questions on this forum and other people will still try to help.

hope this helps

Les is correct.

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Dear Les,

Thanks you very much for the answer, it is useful.


Thanks you very much Steve

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