Faster compilation by not recompiling dependencies

Faster compilation by not recompiling dependencies

I have a large object oriented groundwater modeling code (e.g. 70K lines in ~100 files) written in Fortran 2003 (I use pointers, linked lists, pointers to procedures, classes extensively as every process model or dataset is an object).  When debugging and updating lower level classes/modules, I have to recompile nearly all the code over and over when testing, even though my changes do not affect other portions of the code.  Yes, this is the desired behavior of a compiler since code mods may affect other portions of the code, thus the need for dependency checks.  However, I am confident that my changes are simple and do not affect other portions of the code under these circumstances.  

Short of decomposing my code into separate libraries, is there a way to temporarily shut down dependency checks within Intel Visual Fortran (2013)?  

I accomplish this on my Linux box by removing my dependency list from the makefile, but I find that Linux debuggers (e.g. TotalView) are not nearly as convenient as Visual Studio.

Thank you.

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No, there isn't. You would benefit from the Fortran 2008 SUBMODULE feature, but we don't have that yet.

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Does that mean SUBMOULE is in the development pipeline ?

It is, but I don't want to predict when it will appear.  Not this year - it's probably the most difficult part of F2008 we haven't done yet. It will be a major rip-up of our module implementation.

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