License Renewal of Parallel Studio but with no C

License Renewal of Parallel Studio but with no C

I have used Digital, Compaq and now Intel Fortran for some time. I took the offer to
upgrade from Fortran to a package with Fortran and Parallel support that included C
all for an attractive price. Later Intel offered a product which was only Fortran
and Parallel support with no C.

Is it possible to renew to a product which has only the Fortran and Parallel support
without the C. This would be a "downgrade" from the triple bundle to a double bundle.

So far my reseller either does not understand the question or is unwilling to
put any effort into finding out if such a restricted renewal is possible.


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I assume that you are referring to Parallel Studio XE (with C++, Fortran and the analysis tools), and now you want Fortran Studio XE (without C++). I will need to ask if this is possible  without buying a new license - I will let you know.

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I have "Intel® Composer XE for Windows* Product SKU: ICX999WSGE01" and was planning to renew "Intel® Composer XE for Windows*
Product SKU: ICX999WSGR01"

I do not actually use Intel C, just Fortran in the VS Shell. With the XE 2013 product above can I still just install only the Fortran component and VS (2012?) shell integration? Or alternatively is there and upgrade (downgrade) option to Fortran only without the bundled C?

Oh, I see. We don't offer that sort of downgrade.  You can install just Fortran with the VS 2010 Shell and ignore the Intel C++ component.

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There are two questions by two differnt posters. Which question did you answer?


Well, actually the answer applies to both of you in that we don't have a downgrade program in place.  Gordon, I'll contact you offline about this.

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Thanks Steve that answers my question and the route forward is clear :-)

Note, when you change your license to the new product, DO NOT register the new product until the expiry date of your old license.  Otherwise your support will date from the registration date, not the renewal date of the old product.

I had significant problems in this area last year, when upgrading.  Due to difficulties getting through our purchasing department, I always leave many weeks for orders, and made the mistake of registering the new product before the old expiry date.  It has taken quite a few emails to sort this out and re-establish my renewal date as per the original.




Thanks for the tip David

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