Forum view: no icons in leftmost column

Forum view: no icons in leftmost column

The icons in the leftmost column do not appear anymore but are replaced by text (New post, Hot topic). The explanations for the icons are still visible at the bottom, without the icons. Bug or feature? I use Firefox.

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I have been getting that also for the last couple of days (using Chrome) also.

Alas another "improvement" that isn't. There is no added functionality. I have to wonder who made the request to make the change (could it really have come from the users?), and who approved / scheduled the change whilst other (IMO more important) user requests remain outstanding.
Also as noted by someone else in another post, the edit icons are shown vertical under "Leave a comment"

I would have thought something as glaring as toolbar buttons being orientated vertically instead of horizontally would have shown up with a simple test. IOW, it would be prudent to test the web page changes on a sequestered system prior to going live.

Jim Dempsey

It's a bug and will be fixed.

Retired 12/31/2016

It works today :-) 

Not working here (Firefox as well), but the comment box looks better.  Unfortunately the announcements box is back to where you can't minimize it so it takes up half the screen (and I have a big screen)

The appearance issues are still being worked on. Some were fixed, some are not yet fixed. We do think we fixed the performance issue, though.

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Congratulations, the icons in the leftmost column of the forum view are back again. I hope it will be possible sometimes to display the new picture after clearing the old one and uploading the new one.

Where have all the icons gone? One day with icons, the other day without. Funny, isn't it? But the new picture is displayed now. Any correlations?

Glad to see that the icons in the leftmost column are back again. I hope that nothing else is missing now.

Interesting - I am not seeing the icons. I do know that forum issues were deferred for a long time but there is now a dedicated team working on these.

Retired 12/31/2016

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