Active Solution Platform problem

Active Solution Platform problem


I have a short question when I use x64 as my active solution platform for my codes, I encountered with following two errors:

"An ALLOCATE shape must not be given for a scalar object."

"This symbolic name is not an intrinsic function name or an intrinsic subroutine name.  "

But when I use Win32 platform, I have no warning or these errors.

What is the problem ? Should I use Win32 instead of x64 ? But if I use Win32 platform then I can have problems with the arrays ? Do you have any recommedations ? Thanks.

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Ok, I solve the problem. In the code I forgot to use (:) in some lines. Sorry... Although it is interesting to have no warnings with Win32 platform, but with the x64 platform.

It is useless to speculate on the causes of the compiler messages that you reported without seeing the source code on which the compiler was run.

After all, the compiler writers put in the error messages into the compiler, so your reporting a few of those messages without showing the code does not tell them anything that they did not know.

If the source code contained no errors or if the error messages are not attributable to the errors in the source, then there would exist issues to fix in the compiler; doing so, however, would certainly require that you provide a "reproducer".

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