VS hanging with open parenthesis [i.e. "("]

VS hanging with open parenthesis [i.e. "("]

In the past month, Visual Studio has been randomly hanging (it freezes for ~10 seconds and then resumes) while I edit code.  Last night, I discovered that the open parenthesis [i.e. "("] character is the problem.  For instance, if I am starting to type a conditional, a type, case, or array index, or even just a single open parenthesis, e.g.

if (





I still have this issue with 13 (update2).  I believe that it is related to on the fly parsing of file as the duration is much longer for large files.

Has anyone else experienced this delay?  If so, how did you resolve it.  


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Yes, it could be the file parsing. VS2010 or 2012? I haven't seen other reports of this yet.

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VS 2010

Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE 2013 Update 2 (but existed with Update 1 too).

I have determined that it goes away if I set Tools->Options->Text Editor->Fortran->Advanced->Disable Database=True, but how will this impact other Fortran source code development tools in IVFC?  I.e. What do I lose?


You lose the "go to definition" feature, maybe some of the others in the Advanced page.

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I had turned off the database after update 1 because of long delays while typing. I had not realized it was happening when typing an open brace but I can confirm it happens to me too. I dont recall the issue happening before I installed update 1 and it's still an issue in update 2. I have not submitted a support request becuse I suspect it would involve submitting a large amount of source code.

Actually, submiting large amounts of code is not too bad.  We have over 110 files and 70K+ lines of source in our object-oriented open source groundwater simulation code which requires the PETSc library (see src->pflotran at https://bitbucket.org/pflotran/pflotran-dev/src).  The code's object oriented nature has surfaced several bugs in the VS debugger and Intel Fortran compiler (and gfortran, pgif90).  I have submitted issues to premier support that could not be replicated on a small problem and uploaded the entire code at their request with instructions on how to setup the project and replicate the error.  They have been successful at tracking down the bugs and working on fixes.

The developers tell me that they're adding an option to disable the procedure tooltips feature, which is what is causing the problem here with very large source files.

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