The problem with the release versus debuging executables

The problem with the release versus debuging executables


I have developed a code using the Intel Visual Fortran Compiler on the Visual Studio 2010. The problem I have is that the code runs perfectly using the debugging executable but the execution terminates shortly after execuation starts without any error which is not correct when I use the release executable. Can anyone help me and tell me what is that I am missing in the process of preparing the release version. I greatly appreciate any helps and clues that I could get.


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The symptoms that you describe indicate that the code may be buggy. Sometimes, these bugs are difficult to recognize, isolate and correct. They may stay hidden, or surface only with certain compiler options and/or input data. There is no simple method for removing such bugs.

I would check the command lines for compile and link for release and debug there may be some key differances that do not relate to debug options, eg  qsave on or off, the comments above by mecej4 apply.

A debug console program will pause the console at the end before terminating and closing and will ask for a user key press to close the console. The release console version will just terminate and close when execution completes without error. Is it a console program? If not, please give more information about what the program does and what the output is to show that it works OK.

Actually, the waiting for a keypress behavior is not affected by debug or release.  Rather, it is how you start the program. If you start under the debugger, then the console window will disappear when the program exits. If you "start without debugging", you get the prompt.

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