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I have recently noticed that some of my fortran programs hang a bit when I have remote desktop open.  I originally though that this might be because  fortran programs run on computers accessed remotely were held up waiting for text messages to be written to the screen. I have since found that this is unlikely to be the case, as it also occurs when I am working on the host machine, with a remote desktop window open.  Does anyone know of this issue, and what is causing it?


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I have not encountered this myself, and it is something I do on a regular basis.

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I run routines that usually take hours to run, split into many increments, each of which report individual specific run-times.  I noticed some time ago that some increments took longer to run than others for no obvious reason.  I have subsequently noticed that this issue usually arrises when I have multiple routines running on remote machines, each of which is open in a remote access window.  It is not a problem for me, as there is no real need for me to have remote desktop windows open, but I thought that I would note the issue here in case it is something that others have noticed as well.

Check the settings for remote desktop. Look for settings relating to refresh speed. If you are watching progress, slow down your refresh, if you are editing files, speed it up.

Jim Dempsey

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