problem with a new project

problem with a new project

Hi, I'm new in Visual Studio 2012 and I have to write a program in Visual Fortran. I installed everything and when I want to compile a simply hello world program what I have to do? I open a new project call "hello", and a new fortran file, then I write my hello.f90 program

program hello
    implicit none
    character(15) string_out
    character(40) string_title
    string_out='Hello world!'
    string_title='Simple hello world using quickwin'
    end program hello

and when I click on the start button a message tell me: impossible start the program, don't find hello.exe.

what I forgot to do?

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Select Build > Build Solution.  Then you can run - if the build was successful. There is a setting in Visual Studio to automatically build if the project is "out of date" - you could turn that on if you wanted. Tools > Options > Projects and Solutions > Build and Run > On Run, when projects are out of date.

Make sure you have selected the correct project type (Fortran > Console Application or Fortran > QuickWin Application > QuickWin Application.

Retired 12/31/2016

I tried your codes and there are two problems with the example:

- There are two compilation errors:

..\Main.f90(8): error #6404: This name does not have a type, and must have an explicit type. [STRIG_TITLE]
..\Main.f90(8): error #6054: A CHARACTER data type is required in this context. [TITLE]

- If it is fixed than there is some run-time error when open(unit=4,file='user',title=string_title) is executed

Please take a look at [InstallDir]\Composer XE 2013\Samples\en_US\Fortran for more QuickWin samples. Attached is a small Fortran project ( VS 2008 Professional Edition ) and it is a really small QuickWin based application.


Downloadapplication/zip qwintestapp.zip13.33 KB

Here is a screenshot:


Downloadimage/jpeg qwintestapp.jpg18.62 KB


Sorry for off topic question.Did you decide to learn programming in fortran?


I've noticed that Visual Studio Wizard doesn't add any source files to a newly created QuickWin project. For example, the project is created, it is properly configured but a developer should add a source file etc. As a feature request I would suggest to review these two Visual Studio Wizards for QuickWin projects and source files with codes for a minimal QuickWin application could be added.

Thank you both, I didn't understand to add a source file in my QuickWin application! There aren't so many good guide to learn from the beginning, and guides exist only in english!

Please use I've attached ( for Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition ) and this is a very small QuickWin application.

Done, thank you

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