Support for VS2012 express

Support for VS2012 express


     Does Intel® Visual Fortran Composer XE for Windows support VS2012 express?

I say this,

but did not see anything for VS2012 specifically.  Thanks in advance.

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As the reference explained, no version of VS Express is supported with ICL to the extent of GUI integration nor for X64 target (because Microsoft doesn't permit it) , nor is it tested regularly.  You're welcome to try if VS2012 Express works for 32-bit command line mode like the earlier ones, since Microsoft changed the plan to eliminate such features at the last hour.

>>Does Intel® Visual Fortran Composer XE for Windows support VS2012 express?..

It looks like No but integration with Visual Studio 2010 Shell ( some kind of Express Edition ) is supported. It works well and I have it installed on my primary development computer.

>>...I say this

I think the article is not up-to-date because Intel Parallel Studio XE 2013 does a really good job by integrating Intel compilers ( C++ & Fortran ) with different editions of Visual Studio.

Your question has been answered by Tim and Sergey. To recap: 

  • For command line support, yes, all Visual Studio express (VS2008 exp, VS2010 exp, VS2012 exp) are supported. 
  • For IDE integration support, no. Intel Visual Fortran does not integrate into any of the VS exp edition. 
  • For VS shell, the IDE integration is supported. This is specific to Intel Visual Fortran only because the Intel Visaul Fortran comes with VS shell. 

But in case you have more questions about the Intel Visual Fortran, I'm transfering your thread to the Intel Visual Fortran forum.


Thanks Jennifer for explaining all those issues related to integration of Intel software with VS2012 express edition.

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