How to use IMSL in visual fortran v 11.1

How to use IMSL in visual fortran v 11.1

Hi everybody

Unfortunately, I can not use the imsl library in my fortran v 11.1.

Also, the folder below can not be found:

C:\Program Files\VNI\imsl\fnl600\IA32\lib    or   C:\Program Files (x86)\VNI\imsl\fnl600\IA32\include\dll

for example, when I type this command line "USE AMACH_INT"  in my fortran environment, then the error:

error #7002: Error in opening the compiled module file. Check INCLUDE paths. [AMACH_INT]

is emerged.

Would you mind helping me ? Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing form you.

Best wishes



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Did you buy the edition of Intel Visual Fortran that includes IMSL? IMSL is not included in the standard product. If you did buy it, you need to install IMSL separately - it is an additional download displayed in the Intel Registration Center alongside the compiler download. Be sure to download the installer that says it is for IA-32.

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Thanks to reply me.

I have the standard product. So I must buy the IMSL. I did not know that.

For fortran v 11.1 which version of IMSL does it need?

Thanks Steve.

Hi again,

Does the version "Intel Visual Fortran Compiler 11.1.051 Professional Edition for Windows" include the IMSL library?


No, it does not.  You would need the product whose name includes "with IMSL". I suggest you look to see if the included Intel Math Kernel Library has suitable replacement routines. You'll have to look by description, not routine name (usually).

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Thanks a lot.

Also, we do not sell IMSL separately from the compiler. (And 11.1 is an old version.) You could buy a license for Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE 2013 with IMSL 6.0 and use the 11.1 compiler and its IMSL if you wanted. Before considering that, I advise you to see if you can use MKL instead.

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