Problem with intell parallel studio installation

Problem with intell parallel studio installation

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I already installed intell parallel2011XE(12) and integrated with vs 2010 ultimate version.unfortunatly Visual fortran didn't install(I think the error is in pre-requisities).at the begin of installation I see a warning that I upload its image here.thank so much.

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The (hardly legible) warning appears to be about VTune not being supported on non-Intel CPUs (or CPUs without SSE2), not about Fortran support.


after installation I modify it to see if all of component are installed or not,I see this message,can you help me with this?thank so much(I have installed visual studio2008 and 2010 on my pc)


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You can ignore that message. It is telling you that as you already have a supported Visual Studio installed, it won't install the Fortran-only Visual Studio 2008 Shell.  I assume that you know you are installing a two-year-old version of the product.

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