Buying Microsoft visual studio and Intel Fortran Compiler with academic licenses

Buying Microsoft visual studio and Intel Fortran Compiler with academic licenses


I have the plan to install Microsoft Visual Studio and Intel Fortran Compiler for running subroutines on Abaqus software. I will use the newest Abaqus 6.12-3 version.

Please could anybody let me know which compatible versions of Microsoft Visual Studio and Intel Fortran Compiler I can buy? It is very good if the versions are latest versions.

If possible, please provide me the price information of the academic license.

Thanks for your help.

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Your Abaqus should include specification of which Visual Studio and Intel Fortran are recommended.

Information on prices should be available from resellers or

Purchase of a license entitles you to download previous versions, so you can select one recommended by Abaqus. 

Thanks for your response.

I think that Abaqus 6.12-3 will need the following versions:

1. Microsoft Visual Studio 9 (2008).

2. Intel Fortran Compiler 11.

However, I didn't see any version concerning Intel Fortran Complier.

Please give me some useful advices for this. In your link, which version could be the replacement?


You can buy the current product, Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE 2013. If you find you need an older compiler, you can download and install it.  See How do I download and install an older version?  Information on academic and student pricing is at

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If Abaqus recommends ifort 11, it should be a good choice if you download the latest 11.1 version according to the reference Steve gave on older versions.  All recent versions of ifort work with VS2008, but it seems that Abaqus has not released with more recent ifort.  This doesn't mean a newer version won't work.

I always use the most recent version of both Intel Fortran and Abaqus without problems.


Many thanks for your answer.

I have a question.

I am trying to install Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE need to be integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio Professional.

Except Microsoft Visual Studio Professional, I wonder whether there is any lighter version of Visual Studio which can integrate Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE? I found some related Visual Studio versions such as Visual Studio Express for Windows Desktop or Visual C++ Express but they seem to be impossible.


The "lightest" version is the one that comes bundled with Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE, based on Visual Studio 2010 Shell. You can't use any of the VS "Express" editions - Microsoft blocks integration of third-party languages into those.

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