Is there a specific isml redistributables dll

Is there a specific isml redistributables dll


We used to compile our Fortran  code against ISML (XE composer 2012 with IMSL)  and now we do not anymore.

We currently place the following dll in the folder where the application is installed:






 Is one of these dll specifically required to run the imsl code and therefore can be removed.

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You can find out for yourself. Build an application that uses as many features of Intel Fortran as you anticipate you will ever need, short of making calls to IMSL routines. Run Dependency Walker on the application to find the list of DLLs needed. The ones not listed may be put into quarantine.

None of those are IMSL DLLs - they are all from the compiler product.  mecej4 has good advice. Unless you use OpenMP, you can probably remove libiomp5md.dll.  The others you probably need.

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Ok thank you.

Is there guidance as how best to install/distribute the redistributables or would you advice to always run the redistributable installation when installing an application using Intel Fortran

We would generally advise using our redistributable installer - either the executable or the .msm if you are creating your own installer. And of course you'll also need Microsoft's for the Visual C++ DLLs. But do whatever your situation requires.

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ok thank you

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