64 bit Fortran Compiler?

64 bit Fortran Compiler?

I am currently using Intel Visual Fortran Compiler 'Professional Edition" (Version 11) within Visual Studio, and I can not compile using 64 bit.

Do I need to buy new software? And if so, what is the version I need to compiler Fortran in 64 bit.


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Can you build a 64-bit C++ "Hello World" application (i.e. did you install the 64-bit version of Visual Studio)?

If you can, VS defaults to creating a Win32 (32-bit) build configurations. You then must use the Configuration Manager to add a 64-bit configuration.

If you have done this, and still cannot build 64-bit IVF then check to see which version of IVF you installed: 32-bit only, 64-bit only, or 32-bit + 64-bit.

Jim Dempsey 


Each version of ifort provides both 32- and 64-bit installers, so you could install either or both.  Prior to VS2010, you had to select specifically the 64-bit C++ in the VIsual Studio install menu prior to installing "Intel64" 64-bit ifort.  You also should install Visual Studio service packs.

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