Parallel Studio Upgrade

Parallel Studio Upgrade

There is currently an reasonably attractive offer with a well known software vendor in the UK to upgrade from any XE Composer product to XE Parallel Studio. I currently have a license for XE Composer FORTRAN for Windows with IMSL.

If I purchased the upgrade:

1) Will I still have access to IMSL? (if not it is not really an upgrade).

2) When it comes to renewing the license, after my original expires in October, what options will there be?

3) Would I have to buy a separate license for IMSL from Rogue Wave

I do not see an option to get Parallel Studio XE with IMSL in one bundle so I'm not clear on whether is it woth "upgrading" though I'd like to have access to the code checking features within Parallel Studio.

The frustrating thing is that I only use IMSL for surface fitting to scattered data points and I decided to use it because, at the time, IMSL was freely available within CVF and the parent application could be freely distributed to any number of users. That is no longer the case and all users need to purchase a separate license from Rogue Wave. Ideally I'd like to ditch IMSL completely (mainly on principle) but I've not yet found an alternative source for the surface fitting feature yet.

Could someone at Intel please clarify the situation regarding licenses?


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... but I've not yet found an alternative source for the surface fitting feature yet.

Could you state particulars of the surface fitting problem? For example, (i) is it local or global? (ii) are the fit coefficients involved in the fitted expression in an unalterably nonlinear form?

implies continued availability of ifort with IMSL library.

According to what you said, it appears that if you renewed now, you would be up for renewal again in October.

I am not 100% sure of the status of the IMSL license should you upgrade to a product that doesn't include IMSL. I will try to find the answer to this.

The change in run-time licensing was made by Rogue Wave.

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