Compile problem with nested type

Compile problem with nested type

Here is the code in Test.f90


module type_definitions
type AA
integer :: idn
type(BB),pointer :: n
end type AA

type BB
integer :: id
type(AA),pointer :: m
end type BB

end module type_definitions

subroutine findx(kk)
use type_definitions
implicit none
type(AA) :: kk
end subroutine findx

program main
use type_definitions
implicit none
character*18 ar,md
end program main


There is a type AA defined in type BB, and also the type BB exist in type AA,  problem occers with "fortcom: Fatal: There has been an internal compiler error (C0000005)" under VS2008+IFV11.1.038. I am really confused as I compiled it in IFV prompt with "ifort -o test test.f90", it works well.  This is a simply section from a robust scientific package, and I prefer debugging it step by step in VS2008, so what is the problem bewteen the different methods? Thanks for any comments in advance.

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It compiles under VS2010 and XE

Try turning off the diagnostics "Check routine interfaces"

Right, that's the point. Thanks a lot. The problem is fixed.

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