Compile problem with nested type

Compile problem with nested type

module type_definitions
type AA
integer :: idn
type(BB),pointer :: n
end type AA
type BB
integer :: id
type(AA),pointer :: m
end type BB
end module type_definitions

subroutine findx(kk)
use type_definitions
implicit none
type(AA) :: kk
end subroutine findx

program main
use type_definitions
implicit none
character*18 ar,md
end program main


"fortcom: Fatal: There has been an internal compiler error (C0000005)", but it works well with"ifort -o test test.f90" in IVF prompt. I am relly confused what is the difference between the two compile methods. Thanks for any comments.

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It is quite likely that the compiler options set inside Visual Studio are different from those in effect at the command line. Please attach the build-log from Visual Studio for the failed attempt.

I agree with mecej4.  The build log will also identify the product version you are using.  I can't reproduce this in a current version, but I may not be doing it exactly as you are.

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