Help with crash

Help with crash

I am getting a crash on a write statement that I don't understand.  Any help appreciated.

The code crashes when allocating memory on the heap it appears.  The line in question is the first executable line in routine WRSTAT

    character*13  VALUE,VALUE2
        real val,val2
100    format(1pG13.6)

All default REAL are 64 bits as are all default INTEGERS via compiler option.   The call stack is shown in the attached picture:

I suspect it may be something else wrong elsewhere in the code, but maybe someone can spot something here I have missed.

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Most likely something corrupted memory elsewhere in your program. Doing a Memory Analysis run under Intel Inspector XE might be illuminating. Errors such as this are rarely caused by code where the error appears.

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It is kind of strange that the argument list in the call stack for WRSTAT isn't correct.  There should be 3 arguments plus the hidden string length. 

SUBROUTINE WRSTAT(routine, val,val2)
        character*(*) routine
        real val,val2

And I haven't found anything else that looks misdefined.

I'm not exactly sure how to interpret the call stack here, but I see what looks like three arguments. However, I suggest ignoring that.

Retired 12/31/2016

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