License file

License file


I used to receive a new serial number and new license file after support renewal.

This time my serial number did not change after support renewal and I did not receive a new license file.

My license information in the registration center is updated, so I suppose everything is OK, but I am a bit confused. Has the updating system changed and if so, why is this not clearly communicated?

Walter Kramer

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Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience. There is a temporary data synchronization problem in the web interface of the Intel® Registration Center that will be fixed.

Your licenses have been extended successfully even if the license files delivered to you after license renewal or the product support information in the registraiton center show old license data.

If you use remote activation for product/update installation, please use the serial numbers which will create the right license keys with correct support expiration dates on your systems.

If you need license files for product/update installation, please go back to the Intel Registration Center for resending your licenses.

- Login to the Intel Registration Center at
- In the left column ('Product Subcription Information') click on the link for the corresponding product (e.g. Intel® Parallel Studio XE for Windows*)
- On the 'Subscription History' page click 'Manage' for the respctive license
- On the 'Manage License' page click 'Resend license file to my email'.

You will receive the correct license files via email then.

Retired 12/31/2016

Should I wait a few days? If I now do as you suggest I still get the old license file mailed with the old expiration date. The registration date in the registration centre subsciption history has been updated to next year though.

Walter Kramer

My understanding is that you can do this now. If you still need help, please ask in our Licensing forum.

Retired 12/31/2016

I am afraid that doesn't work. I wil ask on the licensing forum.


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