no build/rebuild or options for previously written codes

no build/rebuild or options for previously written codes

Dear all

Im new to both fortran and visual studio.

my problem is that I write a code and execute it(by start without debugging option). but after closing the whole visual studio and for example after 1 waek, when I open my previously written code, there, I cant execute my code again becuse there is no build/rebuild options any more, and also the "start without debugging"  button is inactive.

How can I edit and then re-execute my previously written codes

I use visual studio 2010

thanks in advance

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This sounds like you have not created a Project for your program. Example you double click on YourProgram.f90 thus launching Visual Studio with no Solution/Project. Then running with temporary Project (with your settings). Alternately, it could be that you placed your Projects into C:\Windows\TEMP which may be periodically wiped.

1) Create a development folder (if not having one already). Make sure it is not located in a WIndows temporary folder
2) Launch Visual Studio directly (do not double click on xxx.f90)
3) New Project
4) Intel Visual Fortran | Consol Application | *** Empty Project ***
5) Enter the name can be same as file if you wish
6) ***Location*** browse to select folder you just created (do not go into empty folder)
7) Uncheck two boxes (you may check later after you get familliar)
8) Now, using Windows Explorer copy the source file(s) into the new folder
9) VS, Solution Explorer, Right-Click on Source Files
10) Add | Existing Item | pick files to add

Perform Build
File | Save All

Exit VS

To open

Launch VS | File | Recent Projects and Solutions
Launch VS | Open Project (then browse to your development folder)
Windows Exlorer | Browse to development folder | double click on the VS Solution for your project (not the source file)

Jim Dempsey


thank u very very much   

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