XE 2013 Vers 3, compiler support not installed (after uninstalling XE 2011)

XE 2013 Vers 3, compiler support not installed (after uninstalling XE 2011)

I just updated my compiler to 2013 ver3 from 2011 ver8 (trying to fix a debug problem I was having with one source file).

The new install did not fix the problem but otherwise the compiler appeared to work OK.  Because c: drive on my system is very short on spare space and 2013 ver3 was working OK, I then removed the old version.

However, since removing 2011 ver8 I can no longer compile programs.  VS 2010 opens and I can open solutions / projects OK; ie. the edit windows display OK.

However, as soon as I attempt to recompile the project, the attached message comes up and I can proceed no further; ie. no longer able to compile.

I assume that uninstalling 2011 ver8 has crippled something. 

Where to from here?  Do I need to reinstall 2013 ver3?  If so, just reinstall over the top of the existing install?

Thanks for any help

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Did you only install the 64-bit version of the new compiler?  If the version you installed was also for 32-bit, I would expect reinstalling the new version should fix this.  Normally, reinstalling over the top of an existing compile is not a problem.  If this doesn't work, then you'll need to wait for some advice from the Intel guys when they're next online.


David.  I installed both (?  w_fcompxe_novsshell_2013.3.171.exe).  Problem is occurring for all combinations (Release/Debug, Win 32/x64).

You could try repairing your installation (e.g. in Add/Remove Programs), but in my experience it's more often necessary to remove and re-install ifort when the installation goes bad.  As you normally allow the temporary installer files to be removed, you need to extract them anyway.

Yes, you will need to reinstall the 2013 version. You may be able to get away with a "repair", but I suggest a reinstall.

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Thanks Tim and Steve (& David)

Reinstall over the top of the existing 2013 install? 

Or Uninstall first, then reinstall?

full uninstall and install,  The installer normally would not allow you to proceed with complete install unless you remove that version first.

Done and now compiling.  For what it is worth, I uninstalled the compiler only, not VS2010 or the VS integration stuff.


Yes, that's fine.

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