Re-install failure

Re-install failure

Hi all fortran coders - my company (Siemens) recently provided me with shiny new PC but I'm struggling to re-load Fortran compiler.

My old PC had Composer XE 2011 Update 3 build 175 and license expiry was 11-Oct-2011.

 I thought I could download a version no later than the expiry date of my license, so I first tried downloading Update 7 build 258 (dated 11-Oct-2011) but this failed at the remote activate webpage stage with a "license expired" message. I then tried downloading the earliest version of Composer 2011, Update 5 build 221, but failed to install for the same reason. I have not tried installing any earler versions because they would be then earlier than the version I used on my old PC and I'm worried about compatability and bugs. I would not mind reloading the same version (3.175) as my old PC, but this does not seem to be in the download centre. I would prefer to download a later version with VS2010 as this is what my collegues use and it means not having to maintain seperate VS projects (VS2008 vs. 2010).

I have tried using both the web-based activation-code methods and license file method.

Can anyone advise?

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I suggest using the license file method of activation rather than remote activation. The latter is a lot pickier about license dates. Log in to the Intel Registration Center, click on your serial number, select Manage, and have it email you the license file. Take this to the system where you are installing and select using a license file for activation.

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