Problems with calling Fortran dll

Problems with calling Fortran dll


I have developed several dlls in Fortran and used Excel as GUI and called the dll. I have also distributed these dlls/worksheets to customers, and it has worked perfectly. Earlier I used the Compaq visual Fortran compiler, but changed to Intel visual Fortran and Visual Studio about a year ago. Both work fine.

Recently I upgraded my Intel Fortran compiler and now the new dlls that I compile will not work on other computers. When I compile new projects or recompile old projects, they work perfectly on my computer, but when I distribute them to others, they don’t work. They get errormessage ‘53’: File no found: . The old dlls still work, also for my customers.

Normally I put the dll into System32 (winxp) or syswow64 (win7) folders. But have also tried to put them in other locations and give the full path to the dll in the vba-module. Both things work perfectly with the old dlls, but not with the new ones.

To make a Fortran dll work on computers that does not have the compiler installed, it is also necessary to distribute the file DFORRT.DLL together with the program. Are there other files that also have to be distributed?

Thanks for any help!

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